16th of October

Today we met at the school around 7:15 o’clock and drove to the national park Karkonoski Park Narodowy. We had to go up the mountain in a lift, similar to a ski lift which was pretty scary but very nice view.

When we got up to the top we had to walk for a little while up the mountain and stopped at a cabin. On our way we went over the border of Poland and Czech Republic and were able to jump between the two countries. There was a lot of snow in the higher part of the mountain and it was hard to walk in, especially on the way down. After we stayed up there for a little while we started walking town, which took a few hours.

At the bottom there was a town and we were able to look at some souvenirs and then we went on the bus, the drive back to Wroclaw took about two hours. This was a long, hard day but very adventurous and fun!

Written by Anna Soffía and Þórdís