The first year of the project is soon over

cropped-logo_Ania_-Grzeszczak.jpgOn the 9th of April the Polish group went back home after a nine days’ visit to Iceland. During the visits it is always tried to show and teach the guests as much as possible both from land and nation.  On the way to and away from Höfn the group visited a few places where they could both enjoy different landscape and learn about the life of the natives.

During the stay in Höfn all participants in the project worked on several tasks concerning the topic of the project. The Icelandic students were also diligent to show the guests their hometown and surrounding. One of the task in FAS was to choose the logo for the project. When the Icelandic team visited Poland the participants started to work on a logo for the project. There were altogether 17 different logos and they students just choose the one they mostly liked. The logo that won with 9 out of 30 points was made by a Polish student and can be seen at the picture.

On April 18th to 22nd four teachers from LO nr. VII will be in Höfn and participate in the former Transnational Project Meeting. During the meeting the year will be evaluated, discussed what has been achieved and focused on the next school year.