8th of April

The last day of our amazing adventure started as usual at 8 a.m. This meeting was completely different because we had to say goodbye to our exchange partners. To some of us it was really hard, there were many tears and promises of another reunion. At some point we had to get to the bus and set off…

Despite wistful beginning our later journey was very fruitful. Firstly, we saw the beautiful waterfall Gullfoss and amazing geysers and had the great opportunity to observe a spectacular eruption of one of geysers called Strokkur. We were stunned by the greatness of the surrounding nature. For each of us it was a completely new and surely memorable experience.

Secondly, we visited the oldest national park in Iceland, Þingvellir.  Surprisingly this was also the place of the first meetings of the world’s oldest parliament. As always we were astonished by picturesque landscapes.  What shocked us the most was the fact that we could finally see the view of two splitting continental plates with our own eyes. Thanks to this movement Iceland is growing in avarage 2 cm. per year. That was the last time we stopped to discover some geological facts about this beautiful country.

After this point of our journey we drove to Keflavik via Reykjavík. When we got there, we ate a delicious dinner and rested in a local hostel. It was hard to fall asleep after such an eventful day. Finally, we managed to harness our thoughts and fall asleep being aware that we have to wake up at 3 a.m. the next day to board our plane to Poland.

Written by Rafał Ramut