7th of April – The last day of our exchange

After meeting at school at 8 o’clock we started to work on our videos. Divided into seven groups we were finishing the project work. After a few hours it was time to participate in our mindfulness workshop. Once again we rolled our yoga mats on the floor and focused on the present moment. This workshop was different from the previous one because were supposed to get rid of stress. Lying on the maps with our eyes closed we went on a journey to another planet thanks to the power of our imagination. We landed on a desert island where we left behind troublesome thoughts. It is amazing how relaxing this activity was. Each of us has to face their thoughts individually. This exercise aimed to teach us the way of taking control of our mind as the first step to let the negative thoughts and emotions go by. After lunch we went back to school to present the films we had made.

Some of us focused on social relations e.g. the relationships between parents in the process of bringing up their child. Others dealt with the body language being a form of communicating different moods and emotions. We also watched a film about getting to grips in stressful situations like exams or tests. Summing up, each of the videos presented a topic connected with the main theme of our project. Mindfulness turned out to be much more than we thought at first. Thanks to the workshops we realised that the knowledge we gained during this week will improve our understanding how to deal with difficulties.

At 19:30 we met at Hótel Höfn to enjoy our last common meal and time together. We ate different kind of pizzas and chips. The interior of the restaurant was very cosy and elegant. We had a lot a fun. At the end of the evening we got the certificates for the participation in the project. Some of us went to the hot tubs at Hoffell and others went home.

Written by Ada Godzisz and Aleksandra Cygnarowicz