6th of April

We met at school at 8 am, and without wasting any time we started working on our projects. Some of us were still filming scenes, and others were already putting it all together into a video. Everyone, including our teachers worked hard during that time, even though some people managed to find time to have fun or a nap.

Half past ten we joined FAS students in an orientation game and walked around the town finding stations and answering questions. We had to work in a team in order to do both, Icelandic and Polish tasks. It was a great opportunity to get to know other Icelanders our age.

After the game, we had our lunch at school for the first time. Teachers from FAS grilled hamburgers for us and we all got to eat a balanced meal, with plenty of veggies. We enjoyed eating together, but soon two students stole the whole attention. They performed three songs, two of them in English and one in Icelandic. Íris’s amazing vocal and Þorkell’s awesome guitar skills were something we won’t forget easily.

After lunch we gathered together to watch some films about the Icelandic students’ trip to Poland last November as well as a film from the cooking and dance workshop in which the students took part in. It was a lot of fun watching each other’s dancing.

Then Sóley gave a presentation about the rescue team she is a part of. We visited their building and learned a lot about who can become a rescuer, how hard volunteer work is and what do they do. We also had an opportunity to try out snowmobiles and rescuers’ cars.

After that part of the program we were able to go home and have some time to spend with our project partners. Some of us went to a restaurant, which is famous for its great lobster and tried that delicious dish.

At 20, everyone gathered at school to play games. We had great time, integrating, competing and laughing together. At first we were divided into four teams and competed in different categories like throwing an egg at each other or feeding someone while having a blindfold on. First team got 3 points and won. Then we played “Wolves” which is the Islandic version of Polish “Mafia”. We all had lots of fun and the atmosphere was so good. We left school after two hours. It was one of the best evenings during our stay.

Written by Aleksandra Szulc and Marta Staskiewicz