5th of April

We started our 6th day of the project work in small groups. We were busy shooting scenes for our project assignments. It was so funny. Then the Polish group showed presentations about Poland, Wrocław and the trip of the Icelandic partners to Poland. The interested Icelandic teachers and students were invited. There was also a presentation about interdependence between eating habits and the quality of our lives.

After the lunch break we went to the fish company Skinney-Þinganes. It is involved in salting fish all year round as well freezing large quantities of lobster, capelin, mackerel and herring, in addition to the processing of roe, air bladders and various other fish products. It is a really modern place and our visit there was something new for us. We met there some Polish people who are regular employees of the company.

Our next visit was to Gamlabúð – Vatnajökull National Park ‘s visitor centre in Höfn next to the harbour area. We heard an interesting story of the house. It is the oldest house in town and has been moved several times. In the beginning it was the trading place for the community. Later it became a regional folk museum and a few years ago it was moved from the outskirts of town to the harbour front in Höfn.  We also saw a short film about the region´s geology and volcanic activities. It was a very interesting experience for us because we don’t have any volcanoes in Poland.

The last item on the programme was a boat trip. The view from the boat was amazing and we enjoyed it very much despite the freezing wind.   It is a trip to remember for the whole life!

Written by Ania Grzeszczak and Natalia Kielbik